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NC-9000 Wireless Nurse Call System

The LoRa (Long Range Radio) technology allows a long range wireless signal transmission and energy efficiency. The wireless signal range could reach longer than 1km (outdoor with free of blocking objects)
NC-9000 Wireless Nurse Call System

Product Description

Long Range Radio – LoRa

●The transmitter and the receiver can be directly connected wirelessly within a facility.
●No constructions necessary
●Suited for brand new or renovated facilities
●Excel Engineering’s various caring detection sensors can be used synchronously
●Reduce the installation cost of a nurse call system
●The detection record history is kept for convenient patient care management with NC-9000DRX


Connected to the Base Receiver or Portable Receiver

Alert portable receiver, base station receiver, and alert display receiver.


By using the alert display receiver (NC-9000DRX), it is possible to automatically save reports and logs.
Does not require an internet environment.

NC-9000 Cloud

It is possible to use NC-9000 Cloud as an option. It makes it possible to report to PCs and smartphones to the app LINE via the Internet.


Nurse Call Button

Product NumberNC-9000TXPB


  • This transmitter is required to use various sensors other than the built-in transmitter type.
Product NumberNC-9000TXBF

Signal Frequency Converter

You can change the signal from NC-5000 to NC-9000.

Product NumberNC-9000GW

Portable Receiver

●Can register up to 100 channels

Product Number NC-9000PRX

Base Station Receiver

●Can register up to 16 channels
●AC Adapter

Product Number NC-9000RX

Alert Display Monitor/Receiver

●Can register up to 512 channels
●Automatically save reports and alerts
●Can manage time periods and users
●Select and filter contents of reports and print them

Product Number NC-9000DRX


*Click the image to jump to the product page of each sensor

Floor Sensor

Bed Sensor

Plate Sensor

Magnet Sensor

※Built-in transmitter

Side-Bed Sensor Pad

Wheelchair Sensor Pad

Door Sensor Plus

※Built-in transmitter

Toilet Sensor

Side-Rail Sensor Pad

The Infrared Double Sensor

※Built-in transmitter


Name of ProductBase Station ReceiverPortable ReceiverSignal Frequency ConverterTransmitter
Product NumberNC-9000RXNC-9000PRXNC-9000GWNC-9000TXBF
MaterialsHousing:ABSHousing:ABS Housing:ABS Housing:ABS
PowerAC Adapter
AC Adapter
/lithium ion
Polymer rechargeable battery
AC Adapter
2 AA batteries


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