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  • 2020.10.28 Excel will join Virtual Medica 2020

Excel will join Virtual Medica 2020

Excel Engineering is going to join virtual Medica 2020 which is one of the biggest exhibitions for medical and care industries. This year, Medica is trying to host online exhibition because of COVIC-19.

Online Showroom

In Virtual Medica, every company makes online showroom which has basic data of the companies, registered products, and event pages. Visitors see the page, and they can make an appointment of online meeting if they are interested.

Excel Showroom


Explanatory Meeting

We will host some explanatory events via zoom to introduce our products. The main products are iBaby and ThermoCares.

iBaby enables you to have communications with your loved ones from a distance with video. You can get alarm on your smartphone, and you can check the moving data whether he/she is okay. This makes you feel relief even though you cannot go to see your family. For hospitals and care facilities, they can reduce time to meet patients by watching camera to avoid infection.

ThermoCares enables staffs to check body temperature easily. Visitors only to go through in frond of the video camera, and it will alert if they have fever. It can removes stress for staffs and visitors to take time for measuring temperature.

Detail is in our showroom!!

If you are interested, please join the events! You will have opportunities to ask questions.

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