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Wheelchair Sensor Pad

When the weight of the individual becomes less on the wheelchair due to the attempt of the departure from the wheelchair, the device alerts the individual as well as a acaregiver.
Wheelchair Sensor Pad

Product Description

When an individual tries to get up, it detects!

Falling accidents typically occur an individual tries to get up from a wheelchair.

This sensor pad is designed to use with a wheelchair.


Wireless nurse call connection

Use the wireless adapter box to connect to the nurse call wirelessly and use it.。

Alert an individual right there

The wheelchair sensor pad can be connected to EXC-05. The melody/buzzer sound stops when the individual sits back down.

Alert to Portable receiver

Notifies the portable receiver of NC-9000 using the long-distance communication LoRa.

Monitor by smartphone

By using it together with iBaby, you can notify your smartphone and check it on the video.


Wireless Wheelchair Sensor Pad

Wireless Wheelchair Sensor Pad

Product NumberEPC59

Wheelchair Sensor Pad

Wheelchair Sensor Pad

Product Number EPC53

Wheelchair Sensor Pad&NC5000 Package

Wireless Wheelchair Sensor Pad+Mini transmitter+Wireless Adapter Box

Product Number SNC5000C-59C
*Please specify the model number of the wireless adapter box.

Wheelchair Sensor Pad&EXC-05 Package

Wheelchair Sensor Pad+EXC-05

Product Number EXC05S-5C

Wheelchair Sensor Pad with Portable Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

Wireless Wheelchair Sensor Pad+NC-9000 transmitter+Portable Receiver

Model No. SC9000-P

Wheelchair Sensor Pad with iBaby Care S

Wireless wheelchair sensor pad+iBaby Care S+NC-9000 transmitter

Model No. SC7000-S
*Wi-Fi is required


Name of ProductWireless wheelchair sensor pad Wheelchair sensor pad
Product NumberEPC59EPC53
Power3.5Φ monaural plug4/4 modular plug
Cable Length(mm)750

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