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iBaby Care

You can watch your important people no matter how far away you are.
By linking with an external sensor, more effective monitoring is possible.
iBaby Care

Product Description

Watch your important people with a camera no matter how far away

●You can check the video on your smartphone wherever you are.
●You can watch more effectively by linking with an external sensor.

If you use iBaby Care S (RH7000S), automatic recording is possible from 9 seconds before sensor detection. Useful for incident analysis. In addition, the notification sound is reduced, and it can be used by users who are concerned about the sound.

*Wi-Fi environment is required
*In the case of a router with a built-in SIM, you cannot use the function


Live Video Monitoring

It can provide you a live video via your smartphone. When the smartphone is rotated in the landscape, the direction of the video display will be magnified. By using your index fingers and thumb (pinching out) on the screen to zoom in on the screen display.

Motion Detection

When an object moves within the range of the camera, the motion sensor detects the motion. In addition, there are the sound and temp./humidity sensors built-in.
*It is necessary to turn on the sensor alarm setting.

Automatic Video Recording

iBaby has the following sensors;
・Motion sensor
・Sound sensor
・Temperature sensor
・Humidity sensor
When the sensors are activated, the video will be automatically recorded on your smartphone.
The recorded video can be reviewed in the photo gallery on the smartphone.
*It is necessary to turn on the sensor alarm setting.

Manual Video Recording

When you click on the “Record” icon, you can record a video anytime. The recorded video can be reviewed in the photo gallery on the smartphone.

Easy Camera Direction Change

Sweep your smartphone’s screen with your fingers to change the directions of the camera.

Monitor Anytime with Your Smartphone

・Still Images
・Manual Recording
・Alert Automatic Recording
*The recorded images an videos can be reviewed in the photo gallery on the smartphone.

Two-way Communication

By clicking “Listen” and “Talk” icons, it allows the two-way communication possible.

Playing Music

When you click on the “Music” icon, you can play music that is stored in your smartphone from the iBaby.

Temp./Humidity Display

The room temperature and humidity can be measured real time and displayed. When they are in an extreme range, an alert can be generated. It is used for heat illness prevention.

Night Vision Setting

iBaby has an infrared light built in, therefore when a room is completely dark the camera can still display a clear image.
*The night vision mode can be activated by the auto mode or simply turn on manually.

Alert Setting

・Motion Sensor
・Sound Sensor
・Temp./Humidity Sensor
・External Sensors
When an unusual event is detected, an alert message will be displayed on your smartphone.
*Alert “ON” is required to use this function.

Incident Analysis

Automatically records a video 9 seconds before the detection, sensor is activated. You can review activities prior to the detection event.


iBaby Care

iBaby care only

Product NumberRH7000
Product NumberRH7000S

iBaby Care with Floor Sensor

iBaby care + Mini transmitter + Floor sensor

Product NumberSH7000
Product NumberSH7000S

iBaby Care with Bed Sensor

iBaby care + Mini transmitter + Bed sensor

Product NumberSR7000
Product NumberSR7000S

iBaby Care with Plate Sensor

iBaby care + Mini transmitter + Plate sensor

Product NumberSP7000
Product NumberSP7000S

iBaby care with Infrared Double Sensor

iBaby care + Infrared double sensor

Product NumberSK7000
Product NumberSK7000S


Name of ProductiBaby Care iBaby Care S
Product NumberRH7000 RH7000S
Dimensions(mm)132 x 142 x 110 132 x 142 x 110
Weight(g)380 380
MaterialsHousing:ABS Housing:ABS
Power AC Adapter(DC5V/2A) AC Adapter(DC5V/2A)


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